Storytelling Tools for Small Business – Creative Hacks for Brand Messaging

Are you trying to build a name for your business online, but can’t afford a full-time content creation team? There are a variety of storytelling tools you can use to create engaging content if you don’t have the budget to hire an in-house content marketing professional. Check out the following five storytelling tools to see which ones are appropriate for your small business:


Racontr lets you integrate multiple components into your brand stories. Mix everything from videos and images to text and audio into your company’s interactive content. Stories created with Racontr can be embedded on your own site or shared on social media networks.


Storyboard That

Storyboard That lets you create animated storytelling comic strips. Connect cells together to form a visual story for your brand. Available features include audio inputs, high resolution image integrations, and reporting analytics too.



If you are looking for a short-form storytelling tool to integrate into your company’s content marketing strategy, check out the Notegraphy iOS app. Available for both iOS and Android devices, Notegraphy lets you share stunning visual images with intriguing text overlays. You can even add your company logo to your Notegraphy creations prior to sharing on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.



If you want to incorporate live video into your content outreach efforts, the iOS Meerkat app is an excellent option to consider. The Meerkat app lets you instantly stream live video broadcasts to your social media followers on Twitter. You can carry on live conversations within the comment section of each broadcast and can even host AMA (ask me anything) sessions with your customers and fans.



Storyline offers a mobile app for iOS users that lets you create video slideshows out of multiple photographs. Pick up to 20 images for your brand story, drag-and-drop the images into a timeline, add an audio overlay, and then share your newly created brand story on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. Creating an engaging visual story for your business doesn’t get much easier.


These are just five of numerous storytelling tools for business owners you can integrate into your content outreach efforts. Having a variety of content creation resources available helps your company’s marketing efforts remain fresh and engaging. How many of the above-listed outreach tools will you be trying to help build your brand online?

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