12 Copywriting Tips To Make Your Website Pull Readers In and Boost Conversions

The copy on your website is one of the key elements that can make or break your business. The way you express yourself to your customers is a huge part of establishing your brand and one of the biggest factors in whether they will respond to your calls to action. If you’re struggling to find the right voice and methods for connecting with your readers, you may just need a few copywriting tips to set you on the right track. Here to start you off are 12 copywriting tips to make sure your text captures the audience you’re looking for.

.   Keep it simple. No one likes to read something that feels confusing or rambling. Don’t waste your audience’s time with overly descriptive sentences or wishy-washy language. Get to the point.

.   Be honest. No one likes to feel they are simply reading sales copy or sugar-coated statements and weasel words. Treat readers as though you were talking to them in person, and take care to be authentic. If there is a concern about something, you should be able to acknowledge it and clear doubts, rather than try to hide it.

.   Get specific. Use clear statistics to back up your copy, or use a concrete example to show how your business or product has affected a customer. This gives your audience more information to help them trust you.

.   Drop the exclamation marks. There are far more creative and valuable ways to express emotion in your copy than to tack on this overused punctuation. Instead, work on appealing to the reader’s emotional side, or present them with a specific fact or story that gives them something to respond to directly.

.   Focus on the customer, not yourself. Review your copy and make note of the bits that focus on “I” or “we.” Then work on how to replace these with “you” to bring the focus back to the customer and their needs.

.   Pay attention to visuals. You can write great copy, but if it’s not comfortable to read, it can lose a great deal of its effect. Break up copy with bullets and paragraphs, add photos for visual interest, and ensure that the font and layout you use are comfortable to read.

.   Tell a story. There’s nothing like giving people a real-world example to make your business or product instantly more relatable.

.   Bring personality into copy. You don’t want your copy to sound like it could have been spit out by a robot. Identify your brand, and give your copy a voice that aligns with that brand. You can embrace humor and a more relaxed connection with customers while still retaining a professional level of interaction.

.   Focus on language. It’s vital to keep audience in mind when writing anything, but for copywriting, it’s even more important. With your specific audience in mind, adjust the language you use in your copy to match how your audience would want to be communicated with. Whether it’s taking a younger spin on things, adding quirky humor or keeping things professional, language will allow you to connect better.

.   Do your research. If you sense that your work is not as engaging and deep as it should be, take the time to research the subject and bring forth information that is useful and interesting to your audience. Take the time to give them something of value.

.   Keep a clear objective. Before you start work on copy, clarify with yourself what the purpose of the piece is. Keep this purpose in mind as you write, so that your whole piece aligns with what you want it to achieve, whether it’s a response to a call-to-action, a shift of opinion or simply to inform readers.

.   Craft a strong headline. The first impression that the audience will have of your copy will be the headline. Take the time to create one that communicates not only what the copy is about, but how it can benefit your audience.

Keeping these tips in mind while you’re working on your next piece can make all the difference in how your audience responds to you. Using them as guidelines will help you develop your copywriting skills, and the result will be more conversions from your website.

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