How Small Business Owners Can Figure Out If Their Brand Narrative Works

Telling the story of your brand can be incredible for your small business. Done properly, your brand narrative can inspire loyalty as well as trust in your consumers. It could turn them from customers into brand ambassadors. The problem you face is making a story that works. Fortunately, there are a few questions you can ask to test whether or not it works.

  •  Is It Relatable?

The primary purpose of your brand narrative is to develop a connection between your small business and your consumers. If they can relate to the trials and goals of the company, they’ll have an easier time relating to it and seeing it as an entity filled with people. Once they see that, consumers will be more easily engaged.

  •  Is It Unique or Original?

Millions of stories are told every day. Log on to any social networking site and you’ll find someone’s story being told. It doesn’t matter if the story is another company’s brand narrative – you’re still fighting them for the market’s mind space. To do that, your brand narrative must stand out. It must be unique.

  •  Is It Translatable to Other Media

Stories are told in many mediums, from videos to text. If you want to reach as many people as possible, you’ll need a story that can be translated to different mediums. Think about how comics and books have movie versions and how the same story is told differently. That’s because some details don’t translate well. Not everything about the brand narrative needs to make it across, but all the important details must work.

  •  Is the Story Honest?

While your small business’s story will feature some modifications, it must be honest, at its core. Nothing must be made up. Things may be left out to help pacing, but the entities and events within must be accurate. People will sense falsehood. Worse, people can and will often uncover falsehood. Keep it honest.

  •  Is It as Simple as Possible?

To reach your consumers with the brand narrative, you must keep it simple. Complicated storylines may work in television shows and movies, but they can make your small business’s story more difficult to understand. If your consumers can’t understand your story, they won’t be able to relate to it. Keep things simple without leaving out important details and moments.

Your brand narrative is a powerful tool, but only if it’s done correctly and if it hits the right notes. It’s no easy task, but your small business will benefit from it. Think of it as telling your company’s life story to every customer you have and that’ll help you understand how valuable it is.

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