5 Great Ways Small Business Owners Can Spread Their Brand Narrative

Creating a brand narrative isn’t enough. It needs to go out into the world for it to help your small business. If people don’t know about your story, it’s not going to work. Here are a few things you can do to get the word out.

1. Keep Adding To and Telling the Story

While most stories have an end, the story of your small business doesn’t end until it ceases to exist. Tell the same story over and over again, and people will get bored. Eventually, they’ll stop listening. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you keep updating and adding to the narrative, there will always be something new to say and you’ll keep your market enthralled.

2. Tell It Well

It’s hard for a story to gain traction when it’s not told well. Plot holes, logical inconsistencies, outright lies – these can all get in the way of a good brand narrative. Just being badly written can make it ineffective as well. If you must, get someone to ghostwrite it so it has great flow and is compelling.

3. Use Customer Stories

Part of your brand narrative involves customer stories and references. Don’t just look at what you have done, look at what you’ve done to people. Give customers every opportunity to share their experiences with your small business. Put those testimonials up on your website. The more there are, the more trustworthy your main brand narrative becomes.

4. Make Storytellers of Your Employees

You’re not the only one who can tell a story, and neither are you the only person who can represent your company. Properly informed, your employees can serve as brand advocates. You never know who they’re going to come across. At the very least you should make sure employees who regularly interact with potential clients and customers can tell the story if anyone asks.

5. Put It Everywhere

The simplest way to spread your story is to have it everywhere. It may seem like it’s too much, but consider this – if you put it literally everywhere you can on your website and wherever you can reach, you still in all likelihood won’t reach the entirety of your target market. So get it out there. You don’t need to tell the whole story all the time. Sometimes, a snippet or implication of it is enough. Think of it as the core of the company. If you keep the brand narrative in mind, it’ll come out.

Making your brand narrative work for your small business is all about reach. Get it out there and eventually it’ll reach enough people to make a real positive difference. Fail to do so, and it’ll sit in your back pocket, wasted.

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