Does Your Brand Need a Persona?

If your brand doesn’t have a persona, it might be time to think about giving it one. Once people connect your product or service with an identity, a link is forged. They can associate certain qualities with what you offer and understand the benefits of being a patron. As a result, you’ll drum up more interest and gain customers.

How to develop a brand persona

To create a persona, give your brand the qualities people who enjoy your services aspire to obtain. Initially, identify the type of people who will want your products. Maybe, they are caregivers, fitness fanatics, or urban homeowners. The persona you choose needs to appeal to them.

Primary branding target markets include:


Leaders are influential people at the top of their professional fields. They are experts who enjoy cutting edge products aiding growth.


Rugged, outdoor people are athletic and sporty. They are interested in health, fitness, and lead lifestyles supporting well-being and longevity.


Spiritual seekers are empathic and sensitive. They want to explore the mind, the cosmos and support the world’s wellness and aid its improvement.


Adventurers are enthusiastic and eager to try new things. They may be travelers or entrepreneurs.


Sophisticates are trendy and refined. They like the latest health fads, popular fashion, and stylish décor.

When you’ve identified the people you want your brand to charm, think about the personality of an average customer. Consider the individual’s needs and the qualities of your brand that will be regarded as appealing. Aim marketing at the person you imagine; doing so will assist you in reaching your target market.

Creating a persona for your brand will attract customers and help them remember you. They are likely to be loyal when they associate the qualities of your business with their own personalities. They’ll feel as though your brand has similar values and aspirations and be supportive.

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