4 Emotional Elements of Branding Entrepreneurs Must Know

As an entrepreneur, you must often focus on the measurable. If you cannot measure it, you often cannot justify it to your investors. Saying that your current marketing campaign feels right is a great way to lose an investor.

One of the few exceptions is your branding. There are intellectual elements to it, but that’s not all there is. How it feels matters to your customers. Even an intellectually convincing brand can fall flat if it doesn’t feel right to them. Here are a few emotional elements of branding you must be aware of.

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What Your Fonts Say about Your Business

You can describe typography as what language looks like, and since branding relies heavily on visual appeal, no business should ever underestimate the importance of choosing the right fonts. Just like the colours and the written style you use to represent your brand both online and offline, the fonts you choose will become a distinct part of your branding. Typically, you’ll be choosing a font when you design your brand’s logo and, at this point, you should take into account the important considerations involved in this decision. After all, as is the case with colour schemes, people experience different emotional reactions then they see certain fonts.

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How to Promote Your Brand with Engaging Storytelling

At the heart of effective brand building will always be engaging storytelling. Consumers will struggle to build affinity with a product or company, but a great story can help solidify certain qualities that the brand represents. Whether it is a commercial, a social media campaign, or a print advertisement, there are ways to use storytelling to convey a strong identity. Assuming you already have a business and product to offer, the following storytelling tips can be used to develop your brand. Continue reading “How to Promote Your Brand with Engaging Storytelling”

The Beginner’s Blueprint for Building a Lifestyle Brand

From brick-and-mortar stores specializing in small-batch olive oils to online boutiques that put the spotlight on indie designers, the latest crop of blockbuster brands do more than offer great products; they sell irresistible lifestyles that speak to today’s ultra-sophisticated buyers. What does it take to join their elite ranks?

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Harness The Power of Archetypes to Achieve Marketing Success

If you want to amplify the power of your marketing message, use the power of archetypes to tap into the roots of human desire.

The theory of archetypes is simple. All human cultures have similar themes – similar characters and stories that crop up again and again. Archetypes relate to the most important human characters, such as the warrior, the priest, the lover or the caregiver.

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The Amazing History of Soft Drinks

When you reach for a bottle of soda, it’s easy to assume that soft drinks have always been around. It’s hard to remember that, only a few decades ago, there were no plastic bottles, no diet drinks, and no sports drinks. A century ago, soft drinks in bottles were a cutting-edge innovation. From mineral springs to diet soda, the story of soft drinks is a fascinating journey through history.

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12 Copywriting Tips To Make Your Website Pull Readers In and Boost Conversions

The copy on your website is one of the key elements that can make or break your business. The way you express yourself to your customers is a huge part of establishing your brand and one of the biggest factors in whether they will respond to your calls to action. If you’re struggling to find the right voice and methods for connecting with your readers, you may just need a few copywriting tips to set you on the right track. Here to start you off are 12 copywriting tips to make sure your text captures the audience you’re looking for.

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Content that Works Hard so You Don’t Have To

Funny, shocking, or relevant content will catch your audience’s attention, but the resulting engagement can be shallow and brief. If you wish to keep your audience engaged, you will need to design a content strategy that integrates different types of content, so you can keep the relationship with your audience fresh and interesting.

You can source the needed content in a number of different ways. It’s not as difficult as you might think, and you don’t need to do all the hard work yourself.

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