Storytelling as an Influencing Technique

Influencing: Storytelling

To tell a story that persuades listeners to take action, have a clear purpose and connect your narrative to your core message. Use humor and jokes cautiously, because your audience may not respond the way you expect, given different cultures, values, and backgrounds. Use these tips for telling a story as part of a business presentation.

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4 Emotional Elements of Branding Entrepreneurs Must Know

As an entrepreneur, you must often focus on the measurable. If you cannot measure it, you often cannot justify it to your investors. Saying that your current marketing campaign feels right is a great way to lose an investor.

One of the few exceptions is your branding. There are intellectual elements to it, but that’s not all there is. How it feels matters to your customers. Even an intellectually convincing brand can fall flat if it doesn’t feel right to them. Here are a few emotional elements of branding you must be aware of.

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How to Promote Your Brand with Engaging Storytelling

At the heart of effective brand building will always be engaging storytelling. Consumers will struggle to build affinity with a product or company, but a great story can help solidify certain qualities that the brand represents. Whether it is a commercial, a social media campaign, or a print advertisement, there are ways to use storytelling to convey a strong identity. Assuming you already have a business and product to offer, the following storytelling tips can be used to develop your brand. Continue reading “How to Promote Your Brand with Engaging Storytelling”

Harness The Power of Archetypes to Achieve Marketing Success

If you want to amplify the power of your marketing message, use the power of archetypes to tap into the roots of human desire.

The theory of archetypes is simple. All human cultures have similar themes – similar characters and stories that crop up again and again. Archetypes relate to the most important human characters, such as the warrior, the priest, the lover or the caregiver.

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Interactive Storytelling: How to Tell a Story When the User is in Control

A story is strongest when it’s told in the right way. A master storyteller knows exactly how and when to reveal the different elements that make up the perfect story, holding the audience in the palm of his hand. But a story in the hands of a master storyteller is not an interactive story. On the Internet, storytelling can’t happen in the same way as it can in fixed media, like films or books. Because you can’t predict the order in which users will view your web pages, you need to adapt your approach to the interactive character of the medium.

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Storytelling Tools for Small Business – Creative Hacks for Brand Messaging

Are you trying to build a name for your business online, but can’t afford a full-time content creation team? There are a variety of storytelling tools you can use to create engaging content if you don’t have the budget to hire an in-house content marketing professional. Check out the following five storytelling tools to see which ones are appropriate for your small business:

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