Visual Storytelling: Seeing Is Believing

There is a reason why “Pics or It Didn’t Happen” is a popular social media meme. People don’t just want to read about something, they want to see it too.

Actually, that’s not all…. People want to see and experience authenticity. So, while visual storytelling has been around since the time of primitive man, now it’s a fast growing marketing trend, mainly thanks to the internet and social media. Businesses can use visual storytelling to let their audience experience the business in a multisensory way.

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Become the David Mamet of Marketing With these 3 Storytelling Tips

Storytelling is the communication of human experiences in words, images, and sounds. From its origins around the camp fire, to modern-day literature and film, storytelling has continually evolved as a tool for communicating experiences and traditions from one generation to the next.

In marketing, storytelling has the power to engage target audiences on an emotional level like never before. In an online environment, where audiences are bombarded with information from all directions, it is no longer about breaking through “the noise” of your competitors. Instead, modern marketing aims to give consumers what they want, namely drama, in the form of a brand story.

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What Makes a Good Story?

Don’t you just love a good story? Perhaps you grew up having a story read to you every evening. Even when they were about hat-wearing cats or spiders named Charlotte, those stories could capture your imagination and enable you to enter into the narrative.

Maybe you still enjoy cuddling up with a good novel today. You may even have a few treasured books sitting on your shelf, waiting to be read again and again.

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