Best Background for Headshots that Look Professional on LinkedIn

If you are a professional or maybe looking to join the professional world. Then one social media platform that may help is LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn has been around longer than Facebook but its popularity among professionals has skyrocketed in recent years. 

LinkedIn has about 500 million professional connections, what this means is that, with LinkedIn, you have over 500 million chances to interact with potential clients, employers and employees. However, despite being a hotbed of opportunities, you need to create the right and lasting impression by having a professional headshot.

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Furthermore, your headshot is the first impression potential employees have about you and thus needs to be appealing. To ensure your headshots lives a lasting impression one of the important factors to consider is the background. 

But before taking a look at the best background for a headshot that looks professional on LinkedIn, let us take a look at some of the reasons why LinkedIn is important for your career growth and how to make use of the endless opportunities in the platform. 

Importance of a LinkedIn Profile

Has a job board, just like other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, reedit, or even Instagram. LinkedIn has a job board. The difference, however, is LinkedIn has established its site as a professional site making it suitable for professionals. Other sites though helpful in acquiring jobs are mostly used for news or entertainment. 

The job offers on LinkedIn are also filtered to suit your career goals. Also, LinkedIn has a premium account, for a $29.99 monthly fee where you get access to a wider range of jobs. However, this does not mean you will not get access to other jobs on a free account. 

Helps in building your brand, LinkedIn is not just a great platform for professionals looking forward to achieving greater career goals but is an ideal platform to build a brand and build a business. Through LinkedIn you can easily attain investors and an audience by establishing your profile as a brand.

LinkedIn also gives you the platform to showcase your skills, and allowing recommendations, compared to a website, managing a LinkedIn page is easier and cost-friendly. Making it ideal for start-up entrepreneurs. 

Helps you to network, your net worth is your network, thus important to constantly interact with fellow professionals. 

It helps you get industry news, most social media platforms have a news feed. However, LinkedIn news provides more insights into your selected industries and companies. 

Reasons you need a Professional Headshot on LinkedIn 

Helps you to stand out from the crowd

You may not think your profile photo on LinkedIn is as important, furthermore, everyone has a picture and most importantly prospects employers are interested in your skills and not how you look. Although your skills are more important, a professional picture also plays a huge part in helping you stand out. 

Let us look at it this way, an employer has received pitches from five qualified and skilled people and you happen to be one of them. Out of the five, two do not have a profile picture. Higher chances are, the two will be eliminated from the position. This is because the employer wants to have a connection by having a mental picture of their next potential employee.

The remaining three have profile pictures but just one has a professional, eye-pleasing and catchy professional headshot. Chances are, the prospect with the professional headshot exudes professionalism and an eye for detail increasing their chances of getting the job. 

It is the first impression on your LinkedIn profile, apart from helping you stand out from the rest, having a professional headshot on LinkedIn forms the first impression about you. Your intention is to create a lasting first impression. 

You will be taken seriously, as the concept suggests. The intention is to have a professional headshot subsequently means you are taken seriously. 

How to Get a Professional Headshot

Now you might be wondering, what is the easiest way to get a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile photo, below are two easy methods to help you achieve that professional headshot. 

Hire a professional photographer this is one of the most guaranteed methods to achieving a professional headshot. Invest in a professional photographer, the photographer edits your photo, advises you on the best angles and backgrounds. 

Take a DIY headshot and edit, the second method is by taking a DIY headshot. Ask your friends to take a headshot, to ensure the picture is professional use editing apps to resize the picture. A DIY headshot requires little or no budget and you can take as many headshots as you desire and edit later. Additionally, most editing apps are free and easily available on Google play store or apple’s app store. 

If taking DIY headshot is your thing, here are the best background headshots that look professional on LinkedIn. 

 a woman

White Background

This is the most common headshot background, this background is ideal for both men and women. You could use a plain white fabric around the house or white cardboard. Using a white background is inexpensive and easily available. To set up the area, use duct tape to secure the sheet or with cardboard on the wall. 

Also, have a light stand, however, you do not have to use a light stand and can easily use editing applications to adjust the view and lighting of the picture as well as resizing it. 

Pro-tip, zoom the camera flashlight out to get the widest view, this helps to remove any spots on the picture. 

Black Background

Though uncommon, a black background is another professional background. As the white background option, the black background option is also easily available and inexpensive. However to ensure the picture is flawless, place the black background on thick or black fabric. The thick material prevents the flashlight from illuminating the background of the picture. 

A black background for your LinkedIn headshot is unique in turn helps you create a lasting impression. In addition to presenting your headshot is professional and though out, using a black background will help you create a lasting impression as it is unique and uncommon. So do not be afraid to try out. 

The great thing about black and white background is they are cost-friendly and you can try out as many shots before settling on one. 

Brick Walls

Another inexpensive background for your headshot, the brick background is easy and even has natural lighting which helps in having a clear and quality picture. The brick walls headshot is also suitable for different portraits, unlike a white and black background. Brick walls allow you to play around with your photo selecting the best display. 

A Natural Set-up

Like the brick wall background set- up, the natural background also has natural lighting, try taking an image behind a bush, grass or a tree. However, before taking a picture behind a bush, ensure there are no distraction and the background is appealing and neat. 

Tip, focus on a clear headshot, nature may be distracting. To avoid this create a balance between that perfectly mowed grass and your headshot.

Collapsible Background

The final DIY background on the list is the collapsible background if you are willing to spend on that professional photo. Then consider the collapsible background, the collapsible background offers a balanced background color. Unlike the white and black background, the collapsible backgrounds is available in edited versions shades. The collapsible background is also ideal for on-location photography. 

Best Clothes for a Professional Headshot

Taking your headshot behind a professional background is not enough if you are not dressed the part. When taking a professional headshot, dress in neutral colors such as grey, black, white or navy blue. These colors are calm making them suitable for creating a professional impression. Avoid colors such as red or red. 

For women, apply light make-up and avoid a lot of jewelry, take your headshot as your interview look. This is the picture you want your future employer to see and thus needs to exude professionalism. Avoid brightly colored accessories and lipsticks. 

Best Background for Headshots

The internet is used as a source of entertainment, spreading information and for professionals is a useful tool in establishing a career or even achieving growth. By having a LinkedIn profile you are assured of valuable professional connections and can easily build a brand. 

Pro-tip, constantly update your profile, by adding newly acquired skills, also, take up short courses that help you provide value to prospective employers. Courses on platforms such as Udemy offer both paid and free classes that show your skills and growth in your career. 

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Additionally, ask for a recommendation from previous employers, and customers. For instance, if you are a web developer. Use LinkedIn to connect with your clients and ask for a review, this helps create trust and build credibility with your services. 

Social media platforms have become an important part of society in bringing the world together increasing awareness and creating vast and equal opportunities for professionals across the world.