The Ultimate Guide on How to Be Successful on Redbubble

The internet has made it easier for entrepreneurs to connect with potential clients. Businesses can now attract a bigger audience, and artists and designers have not been left behind. Artists now get to connect with clients across the globe and one such concept that has made it easier for artists is Redbubble.

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Established in 2006 in Australia, Redbubble is a space where artists and designers can showcase their work. The arts and designs vary from wall hangings, clothes designs, phone case designs, gift ideas, to mention a few.  

However, despite being a great space to connect with other designers as well as clients. Running a business on the internet can be challenging, this is due to a large number of people in the same field. The good news is, there is always a way out and you can turn your life around by doing what you love most. You can always seek legal and professional advice, such as that of experts Strom & Associates.

Join Redbubble

If you are all about art designs and want to venture far and wide, then it is time you join Redbubble, but before you do, let us take a look at how Redbubble works and how to get featured and most importantly the ultimate guide to ensure you are a success on Redbubble.

How does Redbubble Work?

After deciding on your products, the next step is signing up and setting up an online shop. You are now ready to upload and display your products. 

To sign up on Redbubble you need to be 16 years and over, also ensure you read the user agreement before proceeding. Signing up on Redbubble is free and all you will need is a username and a valid email address where you can receive updates on new features on Redbubble. 

Before you are able to display your items in the shop, you will need to confirm your email address through a confirmation link sent to your email address. The link should not take more than five minutes, click on the link to proceed and confirm your account. 

Choosing a payment option, select a payment option that best suits you and is easily available in your country. Some of the options include a verified PayPal account or bank transfer, bank transfers, however, are available to residents in the UK, US, and Australia. 

Set up an avatar, you could choose your photo or a graphic icon that represents you and gives insights about your work. In addition to an avatar include a cover photo. A cover photo helps you to create an impression, ensure the photo is unique and eye-catching. And remember, your avatar and cover photo in Redbubble will help you in building a brand and creating a lasting picture in the client’s mind. 

How to Get Featured on Redbubble

Redbubble is an ideal site for artists across the globe, the site allows artists aged 16 and above and does not charge to sign up. All you will need to get featured and sell your art and designs include. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Sell Products on Redbubble

Although joining a community of artists online is lucrative and helps you make money as well as sharpen your skills. For you to be a success on Redbubble, follow the following step by step guides and important selling tips. 

Step one, have marketable and unique products.  

Producing art might be a passion or even a hobby but there is more to a sale than that. In addition to enjoying your work, you need to find out what products appeal to a larger group. 

For you to make it on Redbubble you will need to produce products that appeal to a larger audience and remains relevant for a long time. A great way to go about this is finding out more about the market, observe what others in the field have done, work more on improving your skills and finally identify your style and your niche. 

Take your art as a business not only as something you love. For instance, you could find out colors that work best for your products, ask for reviews from your friends and family. It is also key to remember, the world keeps changing and so are your clients.

Step two, identify your target market. 

Online shops are a great way to reach a wide audience and targeting a specific audience increases your chances of making it. Find out what age group your ideal customers fall under, what gender does your product appeal to most? Where are your ideal clients most located? 

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Step three, market your products to your target audience. 

Now that you have identified your niche and your audience. The next step in making it on Redbubble is marketing your products to the said customers. Use social media platforms such as Facebook to filter the audience. If your art appeals more to 20 to 25-year-olds, then set up a Facebook business page, directing them to your Redbubble online shop. If your items appeal to the locals, then use posters or word of mouth. 

Marketing plays a crucial part, for the success of any business thus important to find out what works, and do not be afraid to use different methods to spread the word about your business. The internet is your partner and will help you spread information like wildfire. 

Step three, create a connection with your clients.

That great connection with your customers is what helps you to stand out from the rest. Let’s look at it this way, there are chances that someone else sells the same products as you or have a similar concept, also chances are that some other store offers better prices to attract new clients. So what will help you stand out from the crowd and keep your customers coming back for more? 

The answer is simple a connection, human beings want to feel part of a community and most importantly valued. To make it on Redbubble you will need to connect with your customers. Let customers know your inspiration behind the art, your drive and interact with them. 

The more you connect with your clients the more they keep coming back for more. 

Step four, delegate duties.

You are already the creator, and you may be tempted to be the manager, the bookkeeper or even the marketing manager. This, however, may be overwhelming and may affect your productivity. To prevent this hire the right people. 

On the initial days of the business, you may employ some of the people on a part-time basis. 

Caution. For your Redbubble business to be a success find out your strengths and weakness, by doing so you are sure to employ only what you need. Remember the essence is to increase your returns.  

How to Get Featured on Redbubble      

Step five, be consistent.

For you to be featured and be successful on Redbubble you need to regularly upload new products. Uploading new products also increases your popularity. 

Step six, tag your work.

Besides marketing your work on the social media platform, you will also need to tag your work. Tagging your work helps you promote a more specific product and stir conversations. However, avoid spamming your tags as this may affect your relevance, in turn, reduce chances of your work being featured on Redbubble.

Step seven, product formatting.

Another important factor to consider when uploading your work on Redbubble is the format and designs. Pictures with cut off edges may make it hard for your products to get featured on Redbubble. 

Tip, upload several versions of the pictures 

Step eight, upload a wide range of products. 

Another tip to help you get featured on Redbubble is by having a wide range of items in your shop. A great tip, design and create products for different seasons and with different themes. For instance have gift ideas for Valentine, Halloween or even thanksgiving holidays. 

Important pointers

Stand out from the crowd, from your avatar to your cover photo, to your marketing techniques. Stand out from the crowd. 

Treat your Redbubble shop as a business and not a hobby, though creating art may be your hobby or passion to make it, you need to learn the art of business. 

Observe new market trends, as earlier on mentioned. The world is ever-changing and so is the art world. Find out what is happening around, new trends that clients want and include them in your work. 


Redbubble offer analytics to help you find out how your product is fairing

Redbubble helps in marketing your products

Allows various products, unlike other online shops that allow a limited number of products. Redbubble allows you to upload as many products as you desire. 

Redbubble has lower competition, making it easier for artists to earn form their products. Thus important to be featured on Redbubble.

How to Be Successful on Redbubble

Bottom Line on How to Be Successful on Redbubble

Running an online business has been made easier, by allowing you to reach a wider audience. And although creating art and designs might be a hobby or even a talent. Remember, for you to be successful you need to treat Redbubble as a business. Stand out by learning more about business and sharpening your skills.