Why is marketing important in healthcare?

Healthcare is a competitive industry. Patients have choices. The right marketing strategy can help patients determine the best place to go for care and the provider most qualified to provide their care. 

We live in a highly digital world. So, when patients seek information, they turn to online resources. Provider websites, social media, and third-party review sites help patients dig into details about providers’ credentials, specialties, and even satisfied (or unsatisfied) patients. A healthcare digital marketing agency can be valuable in helping providers navigate the best digital marketing practices to connect with patients. 

A digital marketing agency’s purpose is to help patients find factual information while helping providers acquire new patients through meaningful digital interactions.

Educating Patients

Providers know the first step in helping patients find the right care is through education. Working in collaboration with a digital marketing agency, providers can help get the best education materials in front of patients. Content marketing strategies can help patients find resources, treatment options, and provider details – all through a simple search. 

To develop a social footprint with patient education resources, providers can look to the American Medical Association for patient resources. This content can be repurposed and reproduced to offer patient education content on provider websites, social media feeds, and blogs. Keywords will be weaved into this content to help with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, which simply put, is how patients find this information when typing keywords into a search engine. 

Acquiring Patients

Once a patient has found a provider, the provider must forge a meaningful and ongoing interaction. A digital marketing agency can offer several solutions to assist a provider with relationship management. 

Social Media & Blogs

Providers can be a resource for current news and ongoing education that patients can trust by posting consistent and engaging updates on social media and blog feeds. 

Email Marketing

Email newsletters can be a great way to offer a touchpoint between visits. Curated content with recent health news can be sent to prospective and current patients. Appointment reminders and personalized messages can also be coordinated for current patients. 

Reputation Management

Online ratings for hospitals and providers can be tricky. Not all ratings are created equally, and not all reviews are based on truth. Web MD published an article to help patients learn more about online ratings. And while patients should proceed with caution when doing ratings research, a digital marketing agency can help providers manage their online reputation to help correct and distribute more accurate information. 

Increasing Patient Volumes

Ultimately, healthcare marketing is a win-win for both the patient and the provider. Patients no longer go into an office or hospital to receive care simply because of a referral. Modern medicine puts the patient in the driver’s seat to research providers, treatments, and patient experiences before accessing care. On the flip side, healthcare marketing allows providers to acquire and retain patients with ongoing interactions outside typical patient visits. 

Healthcare marketing is vital to helping patients find factual information and access the best care. It’s the best solution to connect patients with the right providers.