4 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Customers in-store

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In-store safety can be a concern, especially for small businesses that manage their own employees. When it comes to retail store protection for customers and employees, there are a few methods that everyone can implement.

This article reviews the approaches retailers can make use of to protect themselves and their customers, focusing on in-store tactics that enable retailers to achieve added value.

Store Security Camera   

Installation of a store security camera is an effective way to deter and catch criminals who may think your property will be a good target.

Of course, there are other ways to prevent crime, but nothing makes criminals flee from your store faster than a well-positioned security camera. Security cameras give you clarity of video footage for a legal action that you may take.

Rethink your layout

The layout of your store can help mitigate loss from many types of theft and minimise the risk of violent incidents as well. If your store has a dual entrance or exit, please designate one side of the path as the entrance and the other side as the exit.

When designing retail stores, the best practice is to identify the sales floor as a service area and not an open area. This reduces the risk of customer injuries and reduced theft levels, too.

By being clever about your store’s layout, you are preventing injury and minimising theft in one easy action.

Limiting the Number of People Allowed In-Store

By limiting the number of people allowed in-store, you limit security threats. This is because most security issues with items are often brought on by overcrowded spaces. If your store is too full, you risk customers getting pushed around and injured, causing arguments and fights due to lack of personal space and increase the risk of theft since you can’t have eyes on everyone all the time.

Providing Curbside Pickup or Buy Online Pickup In-Store

Providing Curbside pickup or Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and delight! When using BOPIS, consumers can choose to order online and pick up in the store (or have their purchase shipped to the store). However, this rids the consumers of the hassle of having to travel to pick up their items.


There are many dangers in an e-commerce and retail store, such as thieves stealing large quantities of items, shoplifters stealing small quantities of items, and unhappy customers who steal products from the shelves.

While public liability insurance will help you avoid financial harm should customers get injured while shopping in your store, there are other measures you need to take to protect yourself from financial loss thanks to theft or damage. We hope that the tips in this article have been able to help you do just that.

Remember, it’s important to ensure the best possible shopping experience for your customers — and also to protect their safety and yours.