Best Places to Leave Business Cards for More Leads

Business cards are affordable promotional tools. However, one must think about how they use it effectively. What are the best places to leave business cards to get more leads?

In the past years before the coming of phones, when telephone boxes were in use, the kiosk used to have card advertising variety of national and local businesses covering the groups. The coming of mobile phones has rendered the telephone boxes useless, although some points like food takeaway joint still uses them.

Therefore having these business cards along the areas with high traffic might be of good use. This method is likely to work well for plumbers, tradespeople, electricians, taxis, and decorators. But what about those who need professional services? Where is the best place for them to leave business cards.

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Leaving cards in some trendy bars and restaurants might work out for some, but the question is, is it a good option? For you to get the best places to place our cards, consider the following.

Things to Consider when Distributing Business Cards

Before you start distributing your business cards, pinning them on the notice boards, tables, you need first to consider where your potential, partners, clients, employees, and employers usually spend their time more often. For example, if you offer yoga training, you cannot go placing five hundred cards in a fast-food restaurant. Few will do be enough.  You may as consider dropping a few cards with family and friends.

Before dropping these cards also ask yourself if

  • It’s legal to put business cards in the mailbox.
  • Whether the business card should bear the address
  • How you will manage to distribute the cards effectively.
  • The legality of leaving the business cards on the cars.

Ways of distributing business cards effectively

There are several ways of using business cards to promote your business. Face to face conversations is usually an effective way and a perfect avenue for doing follow up calls. However, there are other ways you can effectively distribute your cards so that you can make sales and leads as well.

  1. Sending business cards with every correspondence
    If you’re sending, a receipt, a product, order, compliment slip payment, thank you card, and the letters, always remember to add at least one of your business cards. This gets your brand to get noticed and sends a message to the potential client that you’re ready for business talks The recipient may not  need your service at that moment, but they’re likely to or give it on to somebody else or keep it for the another time
  2. Leaving a business card when paying your bills.
    While you are paying bills in a hotel, restaurant, or such establishment entities, leave the card with your payment – more so if you are leaving a tip. You can also print cards correctly for such occasions. This may look cheeky, but nobody will mind. It is also a great way to do the introduction of your business to future clients
  3. Not limiting your business cards to only one person.
    Make sure you give out a few business cards to your friends to distribute them. A personal referral is more effective, and when accompanied by the tags. This creates more opportunities for leads and prospects.
  4. Venues for conferences and networking events 

On this, you bring business cards to trade shows, networking events, and conferences. Ensure you attend as many of them as possible until you can filter out the less useful events. This way, you will be able to concentrate on only those with the best new business opportunities. The receptions, foyers, and tables in venues that are hosting these gatherings are also the right places to leave cards – but ensure you ask first.

  1. Non-competing businesses and suppliers
    Try to have relationships with several companies that you are not competing with. They will be happy taking your cards as well as referring your business n return you do the same for them. Both you and your client will get a pool hence a win for everyone 

Best Places to Leave your Business Cards

At times you tend to leave a stack of business cards somewhere, only for you to return months later, and getting the stack is still full well and alive and well. Coffee shops are first places that cross to many minds, and of course, with a good place. However, there are other countless places to consider. So, are your cards catching more dust than is catches the eyes? Below are the tips of the best places you can leave your business cards. 

  1. The Library – This is an obvious choice. But only a few people do drop their cards there. Libraries usually have community boards for bulletin or a place where neighboring businesses announces their events to promote their products and services. Why is it important? It’s a home for aspirational business owners, educated people, and professionals seeking assistance and information. They might come upon your business card while passing.
  2. Community Centers – Try to consider leaving your business cards in places where people are meeting. Think of where members from your community are gathering as well as spending their time. Community centers are one of the best places you can leave business cards. 
  3. Salons – Salons attract busy professionals who have disposable income. Moreover, they’re always in a good mood!  You can ask the owner or receptionist before you drop any business cards. You can as well request your stylist to drop some on your behalf.
  4. Yoga Studios Gyms and –Personal training centers, Gyms, and yoga studios are one of the most fabulous promotional destinations for job seekers, employers, and business owners. Many people usually hang out there before and after they are done with their workouts. Hence high chances of finding your targets there.  However, ensure you ask the owner or the manager before you leave the cards behind 
  5. Apartments Leasing Offices – Leasing apartments and offices complex mailrooms are also the right places you can leave your business cards. Look for counters and community boards. Make sure you seek permission from the front desk agent or the owner of the property before you leave the cards. 
  6. Hotels – Hotels often try to help local business owners. Even if your cards get discarded and snatched up, it is always good to take the risk. If a big conference is going on, leave some cards near the entrance or at the bar. Some motels and hotels showcase activity brochures. This is an excellent place to leave the cards. You only need to be courteous when doing your placement.  
  7. Banks – Banks attract people with money as well as well-to-do citizens. You can, therefore, leave your cards at your local bank so that you can capture audiences that are careful with responsible management of their finances. Moreover, banks are usually open in helping out the local business local businesses. 
business cards

When is the Best Time to give out the Business Cards?

Timing is an essential part of one’s life. Hence understanding how the schedule of business cards operates is very vital in every industry and business. Whether your aim is cheap publicity through the business cards or for showcasing the premium business cards, the correct timing of doing the card exchange will always make a difference. Always go try to learn when the most suitable time to hand over your card is.

Differences in Culture while Sharing Business Cards

Exchanging business cards is a common practice. However, there are no set procedures for doing such. This may then differs from one person to the other across the world. Also, you must learn to understand as well as consider the cultural norms of the people you intend to meet.

For example, it’s good to know what Chinese executives prefer to direct approaches. They prefer getting to understand exactly what the person in question is offering instead of wasting time with unnecessary introductions. Also, ensure the backside of the card has your contacts that are person lied and translated to Chinese. A translated card has a biter impression than the one with English text only.

For Japanese executives, to understand their timing is effortless. The top bosses usually take the business cards out and then present them first. The junior executives then offer their cards .you can gauge the timing to exchange depending on the ranking of a person in the business.

For US executives, it starts with a firm handshake, followed by a hello then the business cards are exchanged. In other areas like Western Australia executives, cards are usually an exchange of cards often happens at the end of discussions. 

Other Best Places to Leave Business Cards for More Leads

  • By asking for cards in return
  • Not scribbling on your cards unless they ask you to do it
  • The right way of presenting your card

As long as you have a beautiful and perfect card, you can always leave them anywhere, and at the same time, they catch the eyes of potential clients. You only need to be strategic on how you will do it. Often do some rinsing and repeating so that you can get the best places for leaving the cards.