Who are Brand Stories?


Brandstories is a blog for people with the entrepreneurial mind, those who are in the business already, those who want to make additional income, and such jokes. Also, if you want to learn something about E-commerce, product funding and sourcing, and branding, then I’m pleased to inform you that you’re in the right place.

Brandstories’ Mission

Business success delivered daily…

Here’s My Story

A few years ago, I had no idea what would become of my life- honestly, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with for my future.  I know you could also be in this situation, or at least you have ever found yourself there a while ago, maybe. That’s one reason why I decided to come up with this great blog. Brandstories is particularly popular among budding entrepreneurs, which explains why it has grown tremendously over the few months it has been active. Now, on to my story.

I did know one thing for sure, that I wanted to be my own boss, and thus never wanted to wake up to an alarm. Or have to force myself out of bed each and every week day. I also couldn’t imagine making someone rich while my salary is capped at the salary level or even hourly rates- I hated all that.

What Next?

After realizing that I was the go-to person for any idea about any type of business and related stuff, I decided that I must do something to help other people. My passion for storytelling and helping people on matters business is without a doubt the main inspiration behind Brandstories. I decided to begin telling stories from my own journey and experience, first as articles, and later on, I added other categories where I give expert tips regarding such business aspects as funding and product sourcing.

Things have grown quickly and my readers can now browse through a series of informative business and entrepreneurial articles that can potentially help them achieve financial freedom within no time at all. Realizing this, I made a major decision- to go ‘all in’ on writing, at least to grow my audience and create a range of other categories to help people even better.

Now, Brandstories Helps People Like You

Presently, I spend much of my precious time helping people with business ideas, how to start a business from scratch or at home, startups for stay-at-home moms, how to make additional income, funding and product sourcing, branding, brand equity, E-commerce, etc. Generally, Brandstories is the ultimate business ideas media outlet that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Why?

Brandstories isn’t only meant for the entrepreneurial lot, it’s also useful for everyone who has a passion for business matters. You’ll realize that my audience is made up of people of all types and ages, and it’s spread across the world.

The force that pushes me to write every day is the fact that I’ve lived through just like all other entrepreneurs, I’ve also lived through failure and success, or ups and downs. Therefore, I know how it feels to start from the bottom with nothing but an idea to create financial freedom. I’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people from in all the land, and I’m still committed to millions of people to achieve their dream business lifestyle. Helping you live your dreams is all what Brandstories is all about.

Who Doesn’t Know Brandstories?

Brandstories is one of the best business ideas blogs of the current age, and we all know that. One reason why it’s popular among the entrepreneurial lot is the fact that it features innovative business ideas to help people like you to effectively setup a business, business project, and such, and make a buck out of it with much ease.

Brandstories is truly a wisdom-mine. Why? Well, every now and then, I post content and extremely useful information that can help you to learn something new whenever you visit my blog.

Whether you want to start a business, or you’re a marketer, or you just want juicy business ideas, Brandstories is exclusively devoted to all business cases.

 I Also Help Startups to Launch!

Oftentimes, most people have great business ideas but they have no idea how to implement them and make the most out of those ideas. Other people die with ‘killer’ business ideas. In other instances, most people are held back by limitations. For example, it’s not uncommon to hear stay-at-home moms complain about how they find it hard to implement business ideas, simply because they’re always tending to their babies. 

No matter the situation you’re in right now, Brandstories will definitely help you with easy business ideas and necessary education to implement any idea easily.

Through browsing through my series of articles, I will have walked you through the entire process from business planning, customer satisfaction, and acquisition, mentorship, funding, product sourcing, staffing, name them.

Perspectives and Ideas You WON’T Find Anywhere

Brandstories brings you the most insightful information, thinking and interesting stories to provide readers with smart takes that can actually work for them. So, whatever your business interests, you can be assured that if you put your trust in Brandstories, you’ll always find nothing short of unique ideas and fresh perspectives. 

As a matter of fact, Brandstories is a platform built with you, the reader, in mind. How? Well, I make sure to post original ideas that are not only of top-notch quality but also ones which can enable a clean reading experience. Plus, my ideas are engaging and they’re also of deep viewpoints. Instead of quantity, I opt for quality. Also, Branstories is not meant for unnecessary pop ups, clickbait and page views, as such stuff would make your whole reading experience unpleasant, and we don’t want that, right?

Brandstories is Your Ultimate Business Guide

If I was to describe my blog in three words, I wouldn’t hesitate to say, curated, actionable and personal. That is Brandstories. I write content that can meet your specific needs because that is my backbone. I dig deep to bring you only relevant content from the world of business. So, whether you want to dip your toe into the business and entrepreneurial waters, or you’re already a seasoned brand, Brandstories can help by connecting with your business through top-notch content every now and then. 

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

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