Best Books on the Brain for Budding Business People

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As they say, success entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with lots of reading. If you want to succeed at anything in life, you must understand the value that books can provide at just a fraction of the total cost of taking traditional education. These days, it’s possible to walk around with a whole college, that is your smartphone. One good thing with digital books is that they can be read anywhere, anytime, and they don’t take any physical space!

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There are tons of books that you can read to gain the knowledge required to build and run a successful business. But before that, it’s important to enhance your mindset. Why? Well, as you will realize, your mindset is the most crucial part of your thoughts, and it’s what affects the decisions you make.

Without a clear mindset, you can forget about achieving growth in the business you’re considering. You see, it becomes difficult to achieve success when you don’t have a clear vision. That is where books on the brain come in- to help you develop the right mindset to help you have a clear vision for your business, especially if you are a budding entrepreneur.

Below are a few useful books on the brain that can not only give you actionable business strategies, they can also address the mental obstacles and give you insight on how to overcome them in the future.

“The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind” by Valeh Nazemoff

This new release promises to offer the reader transformation bits of intelligence to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses within no time at all. It comes with practical advice on how to develop and leverage the intelligence to benefit everyone in an organization.

One reason you’ll fall in love with this read is its impactful advice on how to train your brain in new ways of thinking, how to apply different skills to your organization, and how to make companies embrace the transformational techniques explored by the author of this book. The first chapter looks at how to employ your brain and mins for business transformation. In simpler terms, it is a book that can teach everyone in an organization to retrain their brains to optimize and transform their organizations. 

It’s a relevant, engaging, and pleasant read. All these aspects blend well to give you a 136-page book that is full of insight. It’s available on Amazon

“Your Brain and Business” by Pillay Srinivasan

In this book, psychiatrist Pillay illuminates the modern link between brain science and the workplace. Does brain science have anything to do with business? Well, that is exactly what the author explores inside the book. He takes us through several notes about how the brain can be examined in the context of both personal and business development. 

If you want to better your leadership through neuroscience, then Pillay has solidly researched everything for you. Also, if you want to read about the hot topic of how our brains work to influence our leadership and business success, then this is read. In simpler terms, the author has used his unique ability to craft a 288-page book to help both budding and experienced entrepreneurs to understand how they can utilize their brains to improve how they relate with people to create meaningful and sustainable change.

It’s available on Amazon

“Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way” by Jennifer Lee

All successful business people can attest that the journey to business success can be confusing and overly invigorating. Fortunately, there are a few books on the brain that can offer you practical yet playful advice on how to remain as passionate as you are right now. Look no further as this is one of those mighty books.

Besides the business tips that this book comes with, it also has an invaluable insight to help creatives. This read shines for creators seeking a roadmap to build a niche by leveraging on the art they love. If you want to believe that this is the right read for the right brains, take your time to do the exercises in the book- you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective they are.

It’s 248 pages are highly recommended for any budding entrepreneur.

Find it on Amazon

“Jumpstart Your Business Brain” by Doug Hall

Among all other books on the brain, this is the first read of the true wisdom of what building a successful business means. From how to devote your mind to effective marketing research, creating a concrete marketing concept for your products, implementing business principles, to great ideas from a business perspective, this is the ultimate business book you can own.

One reason you will fall in love with reading this book until the end is that it is a pretty easy read, so you can be assured to find great ideas clearly and interestingly. You see, jumpstarting your business brain doesn’t need complex reads that one can’t understand.

The 340-page easy read is available on Amazon

“Train Your Brain” by Wilde Dana

Are you looking forward to building a million-dollar business empire within a record time? Well, this is one of the books on the brain that can help you move from zero to millions of dollars within a year. What you will like about this amazing book is that it doesn’t come with the usual “how-to” narratives that you find out there.

Instead, it gives you cutting-edge techniques that budding entrepreneurs can easily master. It helps to train your brain by combining the elements of both action and mindset. Dana emphasizes that the brain can be taught to change thinking, and hence, influence outcomes. 

This read is the most useful tool budding business people need to deal with the cycle of “perpetual sameness”, and as a result, transform their lives and grow their ventures in record time. It simply makes controlling your thoughts easy and doable.

This easy, incredibly interesting and delicious read is available on Amazon  

Mind Chi by Richard Israel

You already know how the famous Tai Chi can work for the mind and, right? Now, Mind Chi is the book that can help budding entrepreneurs re-wire their brains a few minutes a day. Essentially, this book is meant to help people achieve success in life and their businesses.

After you’re done reading this book, you can expect to discover a sharp power of concentration and increased confidence, high energy levels, positive habits, reduced stress, and improved attention. An eight-minute dose of the Mind Chi “medicine” is everything it will take to open up endless possibilities in your life and your business world.

This valuable book is available on Amazon

“Train Your Brain for Success” by Seip Roger

Speaking of the best books on the brain, this is one must-have for everyone, leave alone entrepreneurs. Why? Well, this one is a powerful read that helps you to analyze where you are, how you got there, and more importantly, develop a strategy to help you get where you desire to be. It brings you effective ways of thinking and it also teaches you how to act if you want to attain your goals within a record time. From how to boost comprehension to help you boost your memory speeds, this book will for sure help you to move towards your business success automatically.

Plus, by reading the book, you get to learn how to apply the techniques in your business. For example, you will learn how to live in the now, no matter the struggles your business is experiencing. Also, it teaches people to be brilliant and extremely aggressive. It’s truly an awesome book that promises to help you manage your day in everything you do. Others say that this is the ultimate food to the business brains. If you’re a person with an entrepreneurial mind, then this is yet another top-notch read for you.

You can get it on Amazon

“13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” by Amy Morin

Are you struggling to take back your power? Or are you afraid to face your biggest fears or embrace change? Now, this is the ultimate book that has the potential to train your brain for success. That’s exactly what you, the budding businessperson, madly need right now, right? 

Don’t expect instant results and don’t waste your precious time feeling sorry for whatever reason. These are just but a few don’ts that Amy explores in this book.

It is available on Amazon

Books of the Brain: Body Language by Cliff Edwards

If you fancy mind reading, then the good news is that you can utilize it as a very essential tool for your business success. It will help you get in the communication quickly. It also comes with lots of insights and ideas and tools that you require for business success.  In simpler terms, if you read this book, you learn how to apply mind reading in several aspects of business operations, for example, in staff recruitment, job promotions, and such jokes.

It’s available on Amazon

“Success Without Brain” by Enyinna Innocent

Finally, you can also learn how to achieve business success without a brain! This book will show you how to build and secure your wealth. It will also teach you how to take control of your destiny. In general, it’s the book that will teach you how to achieve success in ways that are not taught in schools. Do you get the idea now?

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