10 Best Summer Business Ideas for Seasonal Entrepreneurs

Are you aware that summer is one of the best seasons to make those extra bucks? Well, you should know that. It is one season that has got many activities that are not only fun-like, but also allows making money.

To prove my point, here are ten among the best summer business ideas that will not only keep you busy, but also generate enough, to see you through the next season.


Have a look.

 Music Organizer

Summer usually characterizes fun activities, the likes of vacations, parties here and there, enjoying cold drinks among others.

Yes, it’ll be useful if you take part to enjoy these activities, but remember to spare time to create some income. 

It’s simple; just organize some music festival to keep the people around a busy. It’s not that strenuous, although, it requires a significant amount of time to do planning and organizing.

Having a smaller show will do the trick. That’s because getting local artists won’t be hectic besides; the venue will not cost you much.

Therefore, it’ll be an added advantage since you will be enjoying summer music while making money. Isn’t that something cool?

Boot Camp for Kids

Kids can sometimes get into parents’ nerves. As a result, parents would want them away with somebody else for a while.

Why not grab the chance? Take care of the kids at a fee. It’s simple; you only need to start weekly camps in which the kids sign up for. 

To make it more interesting, you can come up with a very captivating theme that will nail the inner happiness of the youngsters. 

For instance, a theme like technology will be a good idea, because it involves the use of Raspberry Pi or any other cool stuff.

 You can as well decide to engage the kids with the coding of computers. Yes, the kids will enjoy it, and remember that their fun is your advantage. It’s that easy.

Delivering Flowers  

To deliver flower, you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket. In your initial stages, you can consider business inventories that have an interest, before visiting a second-hand store to get some good vases offices.

You can additionally establish your clients’ confidence by spending some time to arrange and clip the flowers to beautify them, and have gorgeous arrangements.

You can then, offer service once to small businesses every week, by charging some costs on top of your service. 

And in case you further want to reduce costs, just use the vase at hand, by filling them with flowers from a grocery store. Doing so is much affordable when you compare with going to a florist.

But remember that filling of the flowers is done after every single week to cater for the previous week’s flower. So, keep them fresh as you increase your income.

Face Painting

One of the best seasons to have outdoor parties is during summertime. And I bet children will enjoy the fun of looking like their favourite cartoon superheroes.

Well, you can take up the job of painting their adorable little faces, showing off your handiwork and keeping them busy.

And if you are outstanding in the decorative art, then try to be detailed with the designs. But in case you are not lucky in perfecting the look, then just keep them simple.

Simple in that, you just draw a small number of designs and have the youngsters pick them from there.

You don’t have to invest in the tempera body paint, just ensure that you have a good brush, glitter, gemstone and enough good face paint.

Where will you get your audience? Worry less, simply inquire from family and friends when the next gathering is going to take place, and you’ll be good to go.

Removing Graffiti 

Graffiti, in most cases, is not decorative art. It’s usually an act of vandalism that leaves buildings, homes, fences and streets with an ugly appearance.

Therefore, businesses and homeowners will find it overwhelming to remove graffiti by them. As a result, they prefer having someone remove them at a fee.

Well, that’s not only an opportunity to showcase your loyalty as a citizen but also a chance to make some extra bucks during the season.

One advantage of removing graffiti is that you don’t have to be an expert, or have some prior experience. You only need to have basic knowledge of the chemicals to use, and the art of removing graffiti.

Removal of graffiti is one of the lowest start-up businesses, and is hence, convenient for any seasonal entrepreneur.


Not only does this business good for seasonal entrepreneurs, but also brings in income during summer and some certain seasons of the year.

You will enjoy backpacking business if you are a lover of nature. That resonates with the fact that nature lovers are always available.

And they occasionally need guidance during vacations from vacation crowds, and through the mountains.

summer products

The only requirement that you ought to have is knowledge about animals, trails, plant and nature. It’s that simple.

So, remember it is a one lucrative business idea for seasonal entrepreneurs since it involves other big corporations that usually make use of the backpacks more so, on weekends during their team building activities. 

Therefore, corporations are likely to give you excellent offers for your small business.

Picnic Baskets

From lovers to families and friends, summer season is the time to hook up and enjoy the company of one another.

And as they go for picnics to bond, it’s a sure thing that they will need to grab a bite during that short duration, even if it’ll take an entire day.

As a result, they tend to carry with them some picnic baskets with something inside to nibble in case hunger strikes. And that’ll be a business idea for a seasonal entrepreneur like you.

You can, therefore, take up that business dent and make money by offering picnic baskets at some cost. But also remember to have the baskets in different sizes for children, vegetarians, families and adults.

House Sitting

Well, to make money doesn’t mean that you must make outside, you can as well do it indoors. And especially, during summer, when a good number of people tend to travel, either for business trips, pleasures.

They may take short or long times, but that doesn’t matter as long as they pay you. So, as they plan to travel, they will need someone to sit in their houses to engage in several activities such as; bringing in newspapers and checking of mails and the sort.

Their absence means income to you, you should, however, be sure to take every safety measures before leaving you in charge of their properties.

Additionally, you may end up doing double work, meaning double pay. Double work in the sense that, if you are a professional pet sitter, you’ll charge for pet care if any.

Maintenance of Pools

Summer is by nature a hot season and will thus, require people to swim. However, although many love swimming during the season, not all can maintain the cleanliness of their pools.

Here, you’ll only need to have the right tools for maintaining the pool. Even though this business idea requires that you have some initial capital to start up, you’ll gain much, besides additional advantage that you can operate from your home. 

The business idea, however, has one upside in that; pools require maintenance all year round, although you intend to have a business that will only last for weeks. 

To make known your services, you can create awareness to make people reach out to you bypassing some filters out, or posting posters within your target areas, and increase your income.

Garden and Lawn Care

Will you feel comfortable having an untidy garden? Certainly not, therefore, many will prefer having someone take care of their lawns and gardens.

And naturally, it usually takes considerable effort during summer seasons than any other season of the year.

Much work of taking care of gardens may require much time, which some, may not have, and as a result will need a helping hand, at a fee, to do the cleaning.

Why not become that helping hand? It’s easy; so, why not take up the task and earn from it?

You can additionally, further your services by planting the bulb, sheering hedges and pulling weed to impress your employer.

You can make known your service by getting in touch with your prospective clients through friends, families, or even printing fliers for the same.

Besides, you do not need to have all equipment, for example; for a start, you can borrow equipment like lawnmower from friends, in exchange for free garden care service.

a pineapple with shades

Best Summer Business Ideas Takeaway

Now you know ten best summer business ideas for seasonal entrepreneurs, to not only keep you busy but also to generate income during summer. 

So, if you happen to be having fewer engagements during the season, why not earn from other peoples fun? There you have it. It’s now your turn.