Best Money Counting Machines for Small Businesses

 Some if not all businessmen and women have at a certain point in their career found counting money manually being tiresome and stressful. But this should not be the case. You can now invest your money into getting yourself the best money counting machine that will help you in counting your money and also in detecting fake notes that may cause losses in your business. 

a money counting machine

What is a money counting machine? 

This is the type of machine that a person uses to count money. Even though all money counting machines are majorly purposed to count money, they are not all the same. Some are purely mechanical while others are electric. Money counters provide a summation of all the money counted. So this type of machine would be an added advantage to any business that deals with currencies. 

What are the advantages of a money counting machine

Generally like all other machines, the money counter machine also has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages include;

  •  The money counter machine saves time. Some money counters count up to 1500 notes in a minute. Comparing it to how long a person can take to count the same amount of money, you realize that the money counter will save your time because it is quick.
  • They are accurate compared to humans. It is typical to recount your money just to be sure that you got it right during the first count. But when one uses a money counter machine, he or she is assured an accurate figure. You do not have to recount.
  • These machines are versatile. They accommodate different types of currencies. From the Euros and dollars to pounds, you won’t have to get three different money counters just because your business deals with different currencies.
  • Money counters have LCD Display. While using these machines you will be able to see the summation brightly displayed. There is no hassle while using these machines.
  • Top security. These money counter machines can smell fake notes. The machine will stop counting ones it suspects a counterfeit note. So if you decide on using these machines you are sure about your business safety.

What is the approximate price range of a money counting machine?

The money counting machine’s price can be approximated to range between 65 dollars to 350 dollars. The prices differ because of the difference in the features that comes with the money counter machine you are interested in. in addition to that, the brand of the money counting machine also has a say when speaking of the price. But at the end of the day, remember that cheap is expensive.   

What should I look for when choosing a money counting machine?

Before you pick a money machine for your business there are some things you should first put into consideration. These are;

  • The speed- you should consider the speed at which the machine counts the money. You might find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of notes and a short time to count them. In this situation, you will be on the safer side if you go for a machine with super speed.
  • The machine’s capacity- in a situation where you have a lot of notes to count, you will have to get a machine that has a big counting capacity. Some of these count machines have a capacity of 100 notes only. So put the machine’s counting capacity in mind.
  • Counterfeit detector- Go for a money counter machine that has an ultraviolent and magnetic sensor that can easily identify the fake notes. All you need to know is that you have to consider the above features while picking a more efficient and reliable money counter machine.

What Is The Best Money Counting Machine?

In this article, you will get a view of some of the most amazing money counting machines that you can rely on. They are pocket-friendly they will be perfect for a business man or woman who is running a small business.

BlueDot Trading Currency Bill Counter Machine

This is a great money counter. It is on top because it is one of the best. You can rely on it for efficiency when managing a small business. Its standards can only be compared to the bank’s bill counters. With this money counter, you don’t have to worry about counterfeit notes slipping in. this machine is special for it is capable of batching, summarizing total values and to top it up one can program it to count different varieties of notes. Wondering about its speed? Well, this money counter can count 1200 bills in a minute. Find it on Amazon


  • It is portable
  • It is light
  • Affordable
  • Not limited to a particular type of currency


  • It can once in a while jam.

AmzDeal New Money Bill Counter

This new yet very reliable money counter is designed with ultraviolet sensors and magnetic technology that enables it to detect counterfeit notes. It is a powerful machine in terms of energy. This is because it is active it uses up to 65 watts hourly. When the machine is idle it only uses three watts. It can count 1000 bills a minute and this makes it so efficient for a small business. Find it on Amazon


  • Affordable
  • Capable of self-test


  • Not reliable in counting non-standard size bills

G-Star Technology Money Counter

 This counter machine is among the most amazing pieces in the market. It uses ultraviolet rays and a magnetic system that immediately detects counterfeit notes. You can trust this money counter for your small business. This machine can work for six hours with pausing, while on the other hand less energy power is used. The speed in terms of bill counting is also good. It is capable of counting 200 bills a minute. Find it on Amazon


  • Durable design
  • It is portable
  • Uses less energy
  • Ultra-quiet


  • It cannot do the summation of the counted bills

AGPTEK Bill Money Counter

If you are looking for the money counter that is very accurate and efficient then AGPTEK Bill Counter is made for you. This machine is made up of magnetic and ultraviolent sensors that enable it to detect the counterfeit notes. You can easily customize it into performing different tasks. It is so good that even the bank tellers use it. It will be a great idea to have it for your small business. Find it on Amazon


  • It is quick
  • Customization
  • Easy setup
  • It is portable


  • It only takes 100 bills in one round.

Cassida 6600 UV Currency Counter

While managing small businesses, you need a counter that is efficient and reliable to help you in handling your cash. You can also customize the machine, to sum up, the bills. The machine is also designed to accommodate 400 bills at a go. Good quality sensors are also included in the money counter. These sensors will give you an easier time detecting the counterfeits. With all these features you will have an easy time managing your business. Find it on Amazon


  • Large hopper
  • Durability
  • Ultra-fast
  • Compact sizing


  • It jams ones in a while

Cassada Bill Counter 5520UV Money Counting Machine

This money counting machine is good at saving you time and efficiency. This machine is reliable, it is equipped with sensors that will not let any counterfeit bill or note slip through. This money counter is capable of counting 1300 bills a minute. Find it on Amazon


  • Three years warranty
  • It is quick
  • It is customizable


  • Easily jams up

Royal Sovereign High-Speed Money Counter 

One of the things that make this machine appear on this list is that it is capable of counting 84,000 bills in one hour. This makes it reliable. This amazing money counting machine is super fast and it will save you time. It is good at detecting fake notes because it is designed with ultraviolet sensors for the same purpose. Find it on Amazon


  • Counterfeit detector
  • Has a warranty


  • Jams ones in a while
a man counting money

Conclusion on Best money counting machines for small businesses

Presently, most business is secure and doing well. And it is all thanks to these money counting machines. These machines have made businessmen who handle liquid cash rest easy because of the machine’s capability to detect fake notes.

Money counting machines have made it possible for people to run businesses that are error-free. Most businessmen and women have turned their backs on losses that result from inaccurate summations and fake notes that can easily get their way into your business in the absence of a money counting machine. So you have all the reasons to get one of the above machines to help you in counting your money.