Best Movies About Business To Get You Inspired


There are so many ways a businessman or woman can use to achieve the goals he or she has set to succeed in the world of business. You can decide on attending business conferences, read books, or sink into technical ways just to meet your business desires. But, on the other hand, you can get more knowledge than you can imagine by watching the best movies about business. In addition to that, you are going to find them exciting and inspiring to watch.

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What are the Advantages of Movies about Business?

  • Movies entertain – Watching a movie about a business is an adventure of its own. While watching the movie, your mind is taken to a far place away from the stressful time you have experienced running your business. It entertains you by a
  • Socializing activators – business movies make people who do not know each other mingle. This can lead to two businesspeople at the cinema partner up and put their business ideas together to create an empire.
  • Business movies educate – these kinds of movies educate even illiterate. The uneducated people only need to watch the movie and the information will sink in. even without reading or writing the person watching will be able to narrate what he or she has seen.
  • They inspire – the best movies about business inspire business owners to be positive minded. They inspire businessmen and women to be brave, experimental and determined.

What are the disadvantages of movies about business?

  • Addiction – movies are generally addictive. Once you get addicted to these movies then it means that your business might be standing on a loss rock. Instead of running your business with 100% brains at work, the addiction will lead to the downfall of your business. This will be because you will be operating your business with one foot in and the other foot outside. So as much as you like watching movies about business, you should be careful not to get addicted.
  • Time-consuming – while watching these business movies you might end up wasting a lot of your time. Remember some movies take around two hours to end. At this point, if you are not vigilant you might end up wasting a lot of your precious time which on the other hand might have added value to your business.

What are the best movies about a business that will get you inspired?

After watching these movies you will learn how to overcome challenges that arise while running a business. And also you will get ideas that if implemented can make you triumph in the same field. Here are some of the movies that will inspire and motivate you to take the best path to make your business move from the place where it is right now and make it even greater. You have nothing to lose.

The Pursuit of Happiness

This move feature will smith. He is an entrepreneur who is up and doing well in his business. After a while, he loses his wife and home. Through hard work, Chris Gardener his film name lands himself a lucrative job and position after all the struggles he had to go through. The Pursuit of Happiness is a dramatized biographical movie that will leave you inspired.

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps

 In the world of business, mastering the concept of finance is not the only thing that will keep your business up and moving. One should also be aware that the world of business is full of those people who are selfish. These people only care about themselves, others do not matter. You should be very vigilant around these characters; they can easily ruin your business in a blink.

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps is a movie about a business that is all about greed and appearance. This movie gives a clear picture of how con men can easily trick anyone they come across. This is a good movie that will motivate and inspire you. You will learn the importance of being alert and how to identify con men and ways to deal with such a situation.

The Imitation Game

One way to do great in the business world is by having a great team. One needs to learn ways through which he or she can create a dynamic, hardworking team. The team should be able to solve problems that other teams are unable to solve. The Imitation Game is an exciting movie that came out in 2014. It is one of those movies that are set during the Second World War. One thing that makes this movie intriguing is that it is based on a true story. 

The British M16 recruits a young brilliant man. He was very good at playing with numbers. His mission is to crack a code that seems to be unbreakable. With help from his team, they crack the unbreakable code and end up as heroes. One of the many situations that make this movie interesting is that Alan Turing who is the main actor is autistic. His condition to others seemed like a disability, and a hindrance. On the contrary, the situation works for his good it makes him a genius in the work he does. Turing is at one time discovered to be gay and he is imprisoned.

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Office Space 

 Office Space is that type of movie that will warn you about the consequences that can arise from a poorly managed business. In the movie, some employees are upset by the management and result in bringing the business or rather the company down. It is a classical comedy movie that will break your ribs with laughter but still educate you.

Citizen Kane

Great and known businessmen and women are where they are because of their hard work and honesty. On the other hand, businessmen and women are famous because of their failures and wrong decisions.  Citizen Kane is a movie about the business that vividly explains the importance and benefits of good virtues in running a business.

The movie is all about a tycoon who is a businessman film name, Charles Foster Kane. Kane becomes an extraordinary tycoon after he luckily discovers gold on his piece of land. After the gold discovery, Kane’s life immediately transformed from once a poor chap into a powerful refined man. He becomes so powerful that he almost gets a seat as a governor. Along the way, his morals leave him and he loses everything. 

The Inventor: Out of Blood in Silicon Valley

This movie talks about Elizabeth Holmes. She is the founder of a medical company. The story talks about how the company does well and also how it ends up failing. Holmes makes false claims concerning the company’s blood-testing system. A team is created to find solutions and also motivate the rest by encouraging them to hang on. This documentary will for sure show you the importance of working as a team.

Hidden Figures

This is one of those movies that are based on true stories. It talks about the unheard story of certain African-American women. Something interesting is that these women earned a living as human computers. Katherine Globe, the main actress is awarded a presidential medal of freedom for her hard work even after experiencing racism first hand.

Burt’s Buzz

In this movie, you’ll get to meet Burt Shavitz who is an eccentric entrepreneur. Shavitz starts a bee-keeping business to get the basics he needs in life. But through his hard work, His small business goes international. From this movie, you will learn to maintain a healthy relationship with your partners and also how to grow your brand.

Flash of Genius

This cautionary tale is based on a true story. It talks about how you can protect your business ideas. It also teaches you the benefits of protecting your ideas. The main actor Robert Kearns tries to sell an intermittent windshield wiper to automakers, where the situation takes a new turn.


Do you remember Steve Jobs? Well, this movie is based majorly on his life. Steve Jobs’s journey as a student attending Reed College. You will journey through it until the launching of his first iPod. You will be motivated after having a view of the early days of Apple’s company. You will be amazed by how Steve Jobs triumphantly returns in business after he was expelled from his own company. This is a must-watch movie if you desire to make it big in the business world.

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Last Though on the Best Movies About Business

In this error, it is typical to see or hear business owners hitting the wall. And probably as a businessman or woman, you might have gone through the same situation. Instead of spending the whole day biting your figure, freaking out and getting stressed. You can relax your mind by watching movies about business. You never know, maybe you might end up getting the answers to your questions from one of the business movies.