The 20 Best Products to Sell to College Students on Campus

They say that life on campus is cheap, while others have claimed that their experiences on campus are unbearable.

The ease or the difficulty in campus life may sometimes depend on the items, or instead products that one can buy while at the campus. 

Not promising to ease life at campus, here are 20 among the best products to sell to college students, thus a great way to create extra money.

a safe box

Dictionary Safe

There are obvious products that a student will always need. For instance, you can decide to sell the dictionary safe with a lock.

The dictionary shelf with lock is advantageous in that; if you place it on a bookshelf, it’ll take forever for anyone to notice.

That means you are the only one that knows about your valuables. It thus reduces the chance of losing your belongings.

So, the plays a great deal because no one will be able to reach to your property without your prior permission.

Power Bank

The idea of selling portable power banks is a sure-bet business idea because everybody within the campus has smartphones. 

Although not every student will buy your power banks, you are still sure to sell a good number from the remaining population.

You can, thus, pick power bank to be among the products to sell at the campus for the students. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Everyone on campus wants to identify with a particular type of music, movies, among others. In that case, they’ll find it useful to have an excellent noise-canceling headphone to enjoy their music, movies, or whatever thing.

There are chances that they’ll like to listen to in private without outside noise, and that’s where these headphones are applicable.

Therefore, it’ll be wise to sell these types of headphones for students because there are great opportunities for getting customers.

Bed Risers

Bed risers are usually life-savers to many students, and especially, when it comes to storing off-season clothing. 

They will be of help to students because they use them in their apartments or tiny rooms by pairing them with other items. 

So, why not make them among the products that you will sell to the students?

Mini Robot Vacuum

Yes, the mini robot vacuums may seem absurd because of their sizes, but they help a great deal to students.

Mini robots usually assist when it comes to cleaning some little messes by the students; hence, there is a possibility of making some sales.

First Aid Kit

Accidents are prone to taking place anywhere, and they may be minor or significant. All the same, there should be some initial stages to handle any situation of the victim, and that’s where first aid kits come in.

Your target market is the students, and there is no denial on that token. You, however, increase your sales in first aid kits since the management may likewise promote you in your business.

In simple terms, you will sell to both campus students as well as the management. Try it out; it works.


Well, a good number of the female populations in the campus are always trending. You are sure to make a sale of jewelry to them. 

To increase your sales, you can identify a specificity that is current in the market, and you will be most likely to nail the tip of your business.

Phone Cases

Campus students will always want to have new cool stuff, the likes of new phones and the sort. However, they may not be capable of purchasing new phones occasionally.  

They will instead want to change the appearance of their phones by changing the cases, so why not try phone cases?

two people holding their phones up/Best Products to Sell to College Students

Phone Chargers

You need your phone with enough power to see you through the day, and so do I., And since it’s challenging to do without a telephone at a campus, students will always require chargers if they happen to misplace theirs. 

There are possibilities of selling the chargers to students both students and other staff members as well, hence, increasing your profitability.

Laundry Services

Laundry will mainly be applicable in the college dorms. You can thus, decide to sell the service at a fee or loan out your washing machine. How about that?

Game Consoles

Everybody needs to have some time of relaxation, or at least, do something constructive and entertaining. 

And one of the best ways that keep students alive and active in video games. Not only are they entertaining, but they also give them relief after much study. 

Do you see an opportunity there to sell something?

Erase Wall Decals

Who doesn’t love fun? Not you or even the students. So, why not take pleasure for them?  

With walls decals, the students can color walls for their enjoyment as long as the eraser is available to clear out any writing or drawing, meaning you can make few bucks there.

Roku Express

Students, by nature, love stuff that has got real content, and that’s right. Therefore, with Roku, students can watch news, sports, listen to music, and get access to the actual content. 

Roku has an added advantage in that; it is compatible with several television sets. That is hence, a business opportunity which you can dive in to


Students will often need to write something, print something, or do a few things with papers. And the best time to sell the stationary is during exam time when everyone is preparing and wants to get ready with all the necessary materials. 

That will be a business gap that needs filling, and I bet you can do the filling.

Wearable techs

Campus students always want to appear trendy, and will hence, go for anything that will make them get that good look, as long as their financial status allow them.

Not only will you sell the techs because they’re in fashion, but you will also be making money. And so, to be in a position to reach a large number of students, you should have the products at an available price. 

And just to mention a few of the best wearable techs, these include smart watches, smart bands, and others. Therefore, why not earn a great deal from the techs?


These are among the promising products because almost everybody can’t do without them, meaning students will frequently need them.

Albeit some critiques suggest it not to be a good business idea, what remains is that you’ll undoubtedly get profit from it.

You only need to have great strategies for marketing the product, and you’ll be good to go.

Spirit Decals for the School

Although school spirit decals only sell at a specific season, it does well, more so, when its season comes. 

So, you can showcase your spirit with great decals that celebrate your school, and especially during the sports season. 

The decals, in many cases, tend to come off quickly during the postseason and remember you want to make money.

Storage Ottoman 

Ottoman is a one perfect tool when it comes to saving on space, and mostly by students. 

Okay, this is how it works; if a student seems to have limited space, he/she only needs to get the appropriate dual purpose item.

That’s where storage ottoman will be applicable. Students can use it as a table or stool to keep away any item that they’re not in need have at that time.

So, you want the students to refer to you as the “multi-tasking product guy” well, you can try it out, and you will surely get a name.

Underbed Storage

Students occasionally need a comfortable life where everything within a nick of time.

 With under bed storage, they are in a position to store all off-season clothing, shoes, and those extra blankets tight chests that are easy to pull out.

They can make it even easier by utilizing bed risers to make double storage for their belongings. 

Therefore, if you come up with such a product, it’ll be easy to make good sales from under bed storage. 

mini pizzas

Mini Pizzas

Just like anybody else, students get hungry, and when hunger strikes, they’ll always find a way of grabbing a bite.

Therefore, being fast food, mini pizzas are some of the best foodstuffs that you can sell to them.

Not only will you sell because of hunger, but also because it’s a trendy food among many students.

Mini pizzas ought to be your number one in the list among the product that you may intend to sell at the campus. 

Best Products to Sell to College Students

It is advisable to keep in mind that, when choosing any product to sell to campus students, it is essential to analyze the various needs of the students.

Talking to them is another best option to identify the numerous urgent that they may be having. 

So, as you consider some of these best products for campus students, keep in mind that your early stage of business may not be appealing as you expect, but firm at the campus is possible.

Therefore, you have to be resilient to manage any future challenges, is at all your business will stand.