How to Start a Frozen Food Business From Scratch

There is no amount of intelligence required for one to venture into a business. We’ve heard of people starting from scratch and end up thriving in the business world. Among the most selling ideas in business is starting a frozen food business. 

Food is a commodity that will always be in demand come rain come sunshine. However, you will require some tips in order to start this business.

a man carrying ice cream/ how to start a frozen food business

Here is a list of the best ideas on how to start a frozen food business from scratch. Continue reading to find out more.

Start by Conducting a Market Research

For you to start any kind of business, market research is essential. You need as much information as possible. You need to find out which kind of frozen food you will sale, the market taste and preferences, customer specifications, the current market prices, etc. A market research will help you answer all these questions.

A market research will also help you discover other types of frozen foods that may not be available at the market but are in demand. You should not go for the most obvious frozen foods. You need to distinguish yourself from other business people.

Identify Your Target Market

You can’t just move to the market with a bunch of goods without knowing your target market. There are very many types of consumers in the market with different needs. You need to choose a specific market where you will sale your frozen food. Among the target markets are individual consumers. These include people like me and you. You can as well become a supplier to various grocery stores and restaurants.

Another thing to help you identify your market is the age. Some frozen foods are consumed more by younger people than the old ones. You should try to find customers that will patronize you.

Coming up With a Location to Conduct Your Business

Location is a significant factor as far as business is concerned. For our case, the frozen food business requires an open location. A place where there are many people. Getting such places at times is very daunting. Remember it is a small business we are starting. Renting a place along the shops may be too expensive for us.

The best places to locate your frozen food business are at the bus stages, along the roads, estates, etc.

Note that a frozen food business can only thrive in cities and not rural areas. The reason is, people in rural areas have access to greens, vegetables, have their own turkeys, chicken and almost everything they need.

Finding the Product {Frozen Food}

Where do you get the frozen food to start the business? For you to start the frozen food business, you will need a supplier. The supplier must be reliable. Nothing is more annoying like going to buy something only to find it is out of stock.

 This may drive away some if not all of your customers, therefore, risking your business. As you grow and thrive in this business, more of your products will be on demand every day.

Also, due to the stiff competition in the frozen food business, you need to have a constant supply of frozen food.

Additionally, you need to cut costs and maximize your profits. This starts with the source of your products. If you obtain your frozen food at relatively low prices, you will in turn sale at low prices, therefore, increasing the number of your customers.

Consider Legal Issues

Any business operation, however small it is, requires a valid license. It will be illegal and vulnerable to start your frozen food business without obtaining a permit. You don’t have to keep running up and down in fear of being caught by the authorities over the illegal business operations. 

Also, you have to ensure that you meet the set health standards and regulations. It is not that is easy to deal with food business. It is highly regulated since it affects human health. To avoid all the problems, visit the nearest regulator to obtain a valid license.

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Technological Involvement

Most businesses are moving from the brick and mortar model to the online platforms. In fact, this will be the best way to start your business without any physical store. You can use your home as the store.

 You can start by developing an online website where you can market your frozen food. However, you should be ready and capable of delivering orders. 

Try and make your website as simpler as possible for easy access. You will be surprised to receive an order from someone abroad. Well, that will be too bad since you will be in capable of making the delivery. You can, however, specify using a statement like “deliveries are made only within the city”.  Although it will limit your market, your business will be known globally.

 Alternatively, you can develop an app to so as to conduct your business more effectively and also reach out to many people who use smart phones.

Consider the Storage Place

You will need a place to keep the frozen food as they await orders. Since you are just starting the business, you may not have all the necessary equipment to properly store the frozen food. You may be required to buy a deep freezer. 

Alternatively, you may talk to a friend with a commercial grade freezer so that you use some of the freezer space to store your frozen food. 

Whatever it takes you, just try and find the best way to store your food. Remember this is business, one day you may sell all your products, the other you may sell nothing. You must be prepared for anything.

Raising Capital

No matter how small the business is, you will need some start-up capital.  There are various ways to raise your start-up capital for your business. 

  • Bootstrapping.

Let me break this down. For you to think of a business idea, you should have started saving some cash. If not, you can get your family and friends on board to help you generate capital.

 However, when obtaining funds from friends and family members, always keep in mind not everyone likes your success. Some may be willing to help while others may resist. You can’t force someone to give you money, it is their money, not yours.

  • Crowd Funding.

You can choose to share your business idea with other people that are not part of your family or friends. This has been made easier by the growth of technology.

There are a lot of investors out there looking for people and businesses to support.

However, there are a lot of cons using this model. You must make sure your idea is very selling for it to attract potential investors.

Not only will you be able to get funds from this, but also, you will have marketed yourself and your business.

  • Selling Assets.

You may have some valuable assets that are of no use to you. Instead of filling your house with very many things, you can do away with them by selling them. 

This is a quick way to raise your start-up capital.  If you need them you can buy them again after your business has started making profits.

  • Business Loans.

This should be the last option for you after trying all the above. There are various types of loans available. You should take a loan that will finance your frozen food business fully.

 However, you should take up a loan that you can re-pay even if the frozen food business fails.


What happens if your frozen food is destroyed by fire? What if all your stock was stolen? You should be prepared for such risks when venturing in the frozen food business. 

However, there are various ways to mitigate such risks. Among them is taking up an insurance cover. It is becoming a policy in almost all countries for all businesses to have an insurance policy. 

There are various insurance policies available as far as business is concerned. However, you should choose the most basic policies so as to save on costs. If you don’t have knowledge about insurance policies, you should seek the assistance of an insurance broker.

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Having a Plan

The most essential element for any business is a plan. Even with all the above things, without a proper plan, you won’t be able to start up a frozen food business. The business plan will articulate each and every requirement for the business.

Most businesses fail due to a lack of a proper plan. All the above requirements must appear in your business plan. The main reasons why we write business plans is to maintain business focus, fuel ambitions and map your growth and secure funding from outside.

With the above things, starting a frozen food business will be very easy. Do not just be a consumer always when you can as well sale things to other people. Don’t wait for someone to employ you, use the above tips to employ yourself and start making profits from your business. Become a business owner today!