How dominos used the rebirth story plot to bounce-back to glory


In a previous post I wrote about the 7 archetypal plots used by brands to tell stories that capture our hearts, minds and imagination.

Here’s how Dominos used the Rebirth plot to rebound their brand from failure to glory literally overnight.

In the years leading up to 2009 Dominos was facing a product quality crisis with wide-spread criticism about the taste of their pizza.

Dominos customers voiced their disenchantment with the brand and criticized the card-board like crust, processed cheese and ketchup-tasting tomato sauce.

The reaction to this crisis is one that has to go down in history as one of the best brand comebacks lead by simple yet genius communication. Their strategy was simple, own up and tell your turnaround story.

Patrick Doyle who became CEO in March 2011, told The Associated Press in an interview…

“The old days of trying to spin things simply doesn’t work anymore. Great brands going forward are going to have a level of honesty and transparency that hasn’t been seen before.”

Here’s the story campaign they launched back in 2009 to rebound their brand.  Pay close attention to how they portrayed themselves as the underdog protagonist; included real, relatable characters; and treated us with a plot centered on rebirth and second chances.

Watch the true story of how Domino’s listened to its harshest critics and made their best pizza ever.  Starring actual Domino’s employees.


The campaign launched in 2009 went viral, generating thousands  of mentions in the press and over 1 million YouTube views.

Domino’s reputational score rose by an impressive 21 percent in differentiation, by 24 percent in leadership, and by 28 percent in perceived quality in their brand asset valuator (BAV) data.

Financially, Domino’s Pizza shares were up by 44% in one month alone.

The success of the campaign was mainly attributed to its transparency and authenticity combined with utilizing an effective and age-old brand storytelling plot most people relate to, rebirth and comeback.

Direct Marketing News called it “the kind of communication that begins to build trust and drive engagement.”

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