What is White-Hat Backlinking?

SEO creation can easily make you wear many hats. For instance, if you learn SEO, you can find yourself interpreting frames of Black Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO, and White Hat SEO.

However, knowing the difference is important to know why your SEO techniques can make you fly under Google’s radar, mostly not in a positive way.

Google algorithms are important components, which support SEO techniques and penalize others. So with White Hat backlinking techniques, you can make your website page rank higher.

What White-Hat Backlinking Is

This is an SEO method carried out by creating a link between websites of the same topics, making it much easier for users when navigating the Web and for Google to understand and crawl the content. The method depends on links, quality content, and partnerships for SEO reseller services.

Typically, White-Hat backlinking uses high-quality content, including several links to target URLs, and then delivers it to a couple of authoritative sites. As search engines, like Google crawl the internet, they often use a link to draw a connection between themes in content and understand their authority between different websites. If authoritative sites link to other websites, they signal search engines to consider that site to be authoritative too.

Why Search Engines Like White Hat Backlinking

Google’s goal is to maintain all its users. The bigger the audience, the more success to their business. That is why White Hat backlinking is all about creating good content which people would want to link to.

So you must focus on building links that can improve search engines’ user experience and usability, like Google, instead of trying to manipulate the entire system. This, in the end, leads to the following:

  • Increase overall website profitability, sales, and conversions
  • Improved credibility and authority
  • More visitors
  • Boosted search engine rankings


In general, using gray and black link building and SEO strategies is risky for your affiliate sites and website. Brands and experts who use such methodologies and tactics can get away with that for a while. However, things will start coming out later, and in most cases, it might lead to more job, traffic, and revenue losses.

This is why it is best to opt for White Hat techniques, as they hold up longer. One of the most common White Hat techniques you can use include guest posting.

Also known as guest blogging or content distribution, guest posting is a great and effective technique when looking to increase search engine rankings. This involves contacting sites that have blogs and pitch topics to create content for them.

If your content is accepted, you get your guest post published on their publication site, driving brand awareness, traffic, and links. Apart from guest posting, other White Hat techniques may include the following:

  • Press outreach
  • Infographics creation
  • Establishing online relationships
  • Encouraging shares on social media

Final Say!

Creating an effective link is important to your website’s growth. As a matter of fact, 54% of SEO specialists believe that backlinks will equally be helpful as Google search one day. But not every backlink is created the same. This is why it is best to concentrate on White Hat techniques like guest posting to see more success.