PTSD After a Car Accident – Here Is Everything To Know

Accidents happen unexpectedly, leaving victims with severe physical, emotional, and financial damages. The car accident victim might experience different types of feelings or trauma. Certain emotions like rage, shock, nervousness, fear, or acceptance can be seen in victims of car accidents. Moreover, emotions and feelings may be triggered every time a person starts to drive a car. 

The aftermath of the car accident can leave the victim with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In such cases, a counselor or a therapist can help them. However, therapy and counselor fees can put additional financial stress on the victim. Fortunately, with the help of a Portland car accident attorney, you can prove that PTSD is a result of a car accident and hence get the compensation that covers the cost for therapy and counseling. 

What are the differences between normal feelings and too strong feelings? 

Most people who have met with a car accident might encounter feelings that will go away with time, but in some instances, the emotions are too strong and can change their way of thinking. Such emotions that don’t fade away with time and hinder daily activities result from post-traumatic stress. Specific problems seen in post-traumatic stress include: 

  • Feeling of uneasiness.
  • Anxiety while driving.
  • Excessive worry and anger. 
  • Nightmares. 
  • Sleeping disorders.

What path should a patient follow to improve PTSD?

  1. Talk to friends, relatives, and counselors: 

The patient should describe the accident and their feelings, thoughts, and actions days after the accident. 

  1. Stay active. Exercise often:

The patient can take part in physical activities to divert their mind from those thoughts and take advice from their family doctor. 

  1. Follow up with a family doctor: 

A family doctor knows a lot about the patients and the case history of the patients and their families. In the case of PTSD, a family doctor can help the counselor know more about the victim and their likes and dislikes, etc. 

  1. Try to get back to routine life:

 At certain times accidents will make patients fear before doing anything, so it’s essential to get to their routine lifestyle even if they feel uncomfortable at first, as it is part of healing. 

  1. Drive safely: 

It is seen that the patients feel uncomfortable driving after an accident, so they must drive carefully to avoid any future injuries and must prevent distractions while driving. They must avoid driving if they are tired or on alcohol, affecting their performance. 

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A car accident victim can file a complaint against the party at fault to get their deserved compensation. An experienced lawyer can help calculate the correct amount of compensation they deserve.