Top 4 Crimes Prevalent in Geneva

Crime rates have been steadily rising in Switzerland for the past few years. Most of these crimes occur throughout the streets of Geneva. The city of Geneva is a small but densely populated area. It has a long history of being a hub for world negotiations and treaties. However, Geneva has also been coined as an international hub for crimes in the last few years. Nearly one in five (19%) of Geneva’s population has been a victim of theft, assault, or burglary in the previous year. Rates of crime in Geneva are significantly higher when compared to the national average.

Crime is a part of the human condition. While some types of crimes are specific to certain populations, or regions of the world, there are many that people in any area of the globe can fall victim to. In Geneva, one of these crimes is drug trafficking. It is hard to measure exactly how much it affects the city because it is such an illicit activity, but law enforcement has been combating drug trafficking for years, and there seems to be no end in sight. Therefore, the law and cops are stringent over such crimes, and you must have an experienced Geneva criminal lawyer by your side.

We will now see the most commonly reported crimes in Geneva.

  1. Drug crimes

Drugs are a problem in the United States with the fact that over 115 people die every day from drug overdoses. The use and addiction of drugs not only affects the person but their family and friends. Drugs most used by young people in Geneva are marijuana and alcohol. However, drugs like cocaine and heroin are not as prevalent in Geneva as they tend to be more expensive and difficult to find.

  1. Cybercrimes

In a world where the internet is at the forefront of every individual’s existence, it is no surprise that cybercrimes are on the rise as well. In Geneva, it is hard to avoid them as many people use internet banking and online payments to make their payments, making them more susceptible to malware, phishing schemes, and other fraudulent activities.

  1. Juvenile crimes

With a population of 20,000 people in Geneva County, the total crime rate for juveniles has been on the rise. Between 2009 and 2016, there was an average of 16 crimes committed per year. In the past three years, the number has jumped to 26 crimes per year. According to recent statistics from the FBI and UCR, juvenile delinquency in Geneva County is happening at a much higher rate than before, with arrests increasing by 50% over the last few years.

  1. Sexual assaults

In a recent study of sexual assaults in Geneva, Switzerland, researchers found that one in five females were sexually assaulted during their lifetime. They also noted that most incidents of sexual assault went unreported, and the majority of offenders were unknown to the victim. The number of females who have been sexually assaulted in Geneva is alarming, considering how serious this crime is and how easy it is for perpetrators to get away with it.