Reasons Why More People Are Opting to Work at Home

Flexible work is the future of work. Working remotely is now on the rise for global enterprise and businesses, with companies all over the world asking their employees to work from home.

Some of the benefits of working from home for employees and employers include lower costs and improved well-being. It is also excellent for those seeking to be self-employed, especially as freelancers. In this article, we’ll break down why people are opting to work at home.

Productivity Increases

Studies have shown that telecommuting employees are more productive than their office counterparts. The reason is that there are fewer distractions and a series of opportunities to take adequate breaks when needed.

Psychologists have confirmed that this enhances the overall motivation, performance and creativity of workers. Allowing your employees to work from home will boost your business and the productivity of your employees.

Health and Wellness Improves

Facilitating a strong work-life balance for your employees through telecommuting will be beneficial to them. Your employees make their surroundings suit their needs, get comfortable in any outfit they chose and take better care of their physical wellbeing while they work.

Some employees may seem to take advantage of this but you can set expectations and boundaries for work hours, meetings and projects that allow them to feel confident and remain relaxed about their productivity.

Improved Working Relationships

Working from home does not affect relationships in the workplace as long as management is on board and they have put good communication practices in place. Employees who maintain regular communication with managers and colleagues through email or phone experienced can even enhance working relationships.

Employees won’t Constantly Feel the Need for a Vacation

Working from home, even though your employees are still working, can feel like a break from the office. Employees are able to spend more time with their families and recharge, so they may not be as inclined to take leave for a two-week vacation. Working from home can prevent your staff from getting too burned out.

Money Savings

People who work half their time at home can save quite a lot of money each year. Auto repairs, parking fees, travel, a professional wardrobe, purchased lunches and more can all be completely minimised or even removed from monthly expenses. Such savings add up and put more money in your employees’ wallets.

The savings are not just for employees, either. As more and more businesses such as Square, Twitter, Shopify and Facebook, to name only a few, encourage workers to continue working from home after the pandemic, they are also seeing substantial long-term cost savings.

The Bottom Line

Remote work is becoming more popular in a multitude of industries as technology continues to advance. Remote jobs can be found in almost every sector, from those that you would predict (tech, freelancing, etc.) to those which are a little more unexpected (education, healthcare, law). There’s never been a better time for workers to research their options if they’re looking for a remote job.