Thermal Altitude Testing: The Basics

An airplane or spacecraft must pass rigorous tests before taking off into space. One such evaluation the component, system or piece of flight hardware in question may undergo is thermal altitude testing.

The main goal of this testing is to prevent crucial components from failing. A failure of these components could have disastrous effects. The harsh and rapidly changing conditions that come with high altitudes require manufacturers to make every effort to create long-lasting equipment that can withstand them and function as intended. These tests also serve to reassure customers that the product is of the highest caliber by demonstrating the capability to perform dependably under any atmospheric or environmental situation.

It is crucial to ensure that all instruments and mission-critical components are prepared for the harsh conditions of high altitudes. It’s important to maintain an operation as a whole in addition to the time and resources used in its manufacturing. Please refer to the document provided for more details on the scope of thermal altitude testing.

The Importance of Thermal Altitude Testing from Marotta Controls, a Spacecraft Control System Company