Tips for Personalizing Your Business to Build Brand Awareness

When you first start considering building your own business and brand, it’s normal to focus predominantly on the various products you are producing (if in retail) or services you offer (if not), in order to ensure that all-important customer satisfaction at the end of a transaction. Many budding entrepreneurs tend to take for granted the importance of business personalization, however, and neglect this element until much later down the line, when their business is already established and change would be both awkward and tricky to enact.

The benefits of giving consideration to the unique personalization of your business include the curation of a loyal customer base, intelligently marketing your wares or services to your chosen demographic, and leaving a memorable impression upon clients or customers. Here, we’ve collated ways in which you can incorporate the personalization of elements such as your website, logo, and packaging into your business to build brand awareness – read on to find out more.

Business Logo and Website

The first place to start in this process is to consider employing a digital artist and/or a website developer to create a webpage for your business. While it is far cheaper to build a website yourself, chances are that you have only a base knowledge of the functionality of the website builder and will inevitably miss out on some key personalization techniques, therefore it would be prudent to fork out a little of your budget to employ a highly-skilled professional to do the job for you. Prior to passing this job over to someone else, consider the color scheme you want to use, the font, and any images – what impression do you want to create? What are you selling and how can that be reflected in the design of your website?

Once you’ve chosen a color scheme, you can then look into developing a logo for your brand – again, one that is linked to you, your business/services, and the sort of tone you want to create around your business. Memorable logos are the hallmark of the most successful businesses, with proof being evident from examples set by big corporations such as McDonald’s and Amazon. This can then be used across all your social media platforms to build cohesion and memorability.

Packaging and Thoughtful Touches

After developing a logo for your brand, you can start considering the packaging side and thoughtful touches you can include to surprise and please your customers. There are plenty of options to choose from online via sites like to help build brand awareness at the same time as effectively storing and packaging items. The most memorable businesses, however, extend this one step further, choosing to add in some ‘personal touches’, which range from added extras inside each package to surprise customers

All About You

You can go one extra step here and include a little bit of information about yourself and your journey towards building your business. It creates a feeling of intimacy with potential clients and customers, engendering a sense of trust, without you having to provide the world with the full details of your personal life.

Remember, being able to put a face to a brand is likely to cause potential customers to choose your business over other, less personal businesses. The addition of a dedicated website that links with your products and/or services helps to increase this memorability factor for your business, and this is further bolstered by customized packaging and a well-designed logo!