4 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Business Coach

A coach can play a central role in a business and help those dealing with various issues. Coaches are often called in when business owners are lacking direction or want to find ways to be more efficient in their operations. The issue is that virtually anyone can call themselves a business coach nowadays and hiring the wrong one could end up being a huge waste of time and money. This is why you need to vet anyone you come across thoroughly and make sure that they’re the right person for the job. Here are some questions to ask when hiring a business coach.

What’s Your Expertise?

This is the first thing you should be looking for when looking at a coach or a coaching team. You want to know which type of business they work with. You want to know what the average size is, and in which sector. You also have to know if they focus principally on the business operation or other aspects. Some business owners might need someone to help them juggle their life obligations or stay motivated. You have firms like jenniferdawncoaching.com, for instance, that focus a lot on the human aspect of being an entrepreneur. If you feel like you need emotional support as much as logistics, then you have to make sure that you pick a team that can cover both.

Have You Ever Run a Business?

Another thing you have to know is if the coach in person actually ran a business before becoming a coach. While there are plenty of competent coaches that have nothing but theoretical experience, you preferably want to work with someone who has business experience. It also helps if it was in your field or one that’s similar.

This also goes if you decide to go with a coach that was an executive. Again, while they might have great expertise in certain areas, that doesn’t mean that they understand what it means to start a business from the ground up and everything that comes with it. Unless you’re looking for executive coaching specifically, you should privilege those who have experience as self-made entrepreneurs first.

Tell Me About Your Failures

This is the type of question that will allow you to delve deeper into their personality. This will allow you to know how they dealt with it and how you can too. It will show resilience, but also honesty. This will give you a better idea of their life philosophy and if it resonates with your personality.

What Kind of Formation Do You Have?

In addition to having experience as a business owner, you want to know if they got extra certification. You don’t need a formal education to be a coach, but certification is always nice to see. Look for ICF certification and any other additional credentials they may have.

If you want to find a great business coach, make sure that you ask these questions. You’ll be able to find someone you mesh with and who understands your problems as a business and business owner.